Our Team

Sanja Mancheva

Personal Development Coach & Neethling Brain Instruments Practitioner (NBI™)

Sanja works with people feeling disconnected, to become aware, purposely focused and in tune with themselves. Before becoming a co-founder of Social enterprise “CO-CREATORS“, Sanja built her own brand “Move-Improve“ which was a testament to her personal growth.  After years of feeling empty-hearted, letting people define her goals, career and personal life, she dedicated herself on re-examining past decisions and shifting her focus towards the truth, intuition and improving one step at a time. Sanja now coaches people on how to become aware of themselves and love their being first, before bringing any impact to this world. This coach enjoys leading through the process of discovering one’s heart, goals and dreams, growing into their own potential and loving the journey.

 Make yourself a workshop leader; Presence coaching; NBITM Practitioner; PR manager at Coaching support group Skopje, a division of Noble Manhattan Coaching ltd.

Sanja is available for private coaching. You can reach her on social media platforms or mancevas@gmail.com.

Her Personal Brand: “Move-Improve”.

Miroslav Draganov

Motivational Speaker, Self-Confidence, Communication and Excellence Coach, Neethling Brain Instruments Practitioner (NBI™) 

Miroslav has extensive working experience in different surroundings by practicing public speaking skills and soft skills at all, more than 16 years now. Before becoming a co-founder of Social Enterprise “CO-CREATORS”, Miroslav built his own motivational brand “Keep on Smiling” and was finalist at Social Impact Award 2018. He is an author of a very popular autobiographic and motivational book + one poetry book, a winner at European Forum Alpbach Speakers’ Night 2009, and mentor of the winner in 2014.

Miroslav is MA in Law with passed bar exam and has outstanding Macedonian and international experience as a trainer on 200+ workshops, has an active role on 200+ conferences and 50+TV Shows and debates, was a legal representative in 100+ court cases, part of 3000+ professional meetings with clients/collaborators, 7+ years’ experience in project management of international projects, and 10+ years at leading position or a key team member at different organizations with measurable impact (recognizable Law FirmBankMutual FundsFaculty, CSOs (1 and 2), and  International Networks like: Global Shapers Community – initiative of World Economic Forum, Forum Alpbach Network-initiative of European Forum AlpbachLions International, and Business and Human Rights Network). He is also a Talks Manager at Coaching Support Group Skopje – A division of Noble Manhattan coaching ltd., as well as, host and speaker at many (international) webinars.

If you strive to advance any of various soft skills and want to put them immediately into practice, you can reach him on social media platforms or email: prodolziosonasmevka@gmail.com.

His Motivational brand “Keep on Smiling”.

Dragana Kraljevska

Pedagogue and Parents-Children Relationship Coach

Dragana is a personal development coach and a co-founder of Social Enterprise “CO-CREATORS”, where she finds her enjoyment through leading pedagogical sessions and workshops. Dragana has worked as a primary school teacher and pedagogical staff. Inspired by children’s energy she tirelessly creates a perfect world for them. Dragana emphasizes the power of affirmations through her book “Affirmations for Children” – Techniques for Creating Personal Development and Positive Parenting.

Guiding you through the process, you can expect her dedication, warmth and love, but also realness and strength. For online seasons you can contact Dragana on social media and email: kraljevskadragana@gmail.com.

Her brand is “Affirmations for Children”.


Personal Development Coach

Biljana is a personal development coach and a co-founder of Social Enterprise “CO-CREATORS”. Leaving her comfort zone, she exceeded all limits by committing to harmonizing her body, mind and soul.  Through constant improving, setting clear goals, guided by intuition, she learned the message of life – „Love transforms“.  In practice of creative visualization methods and self-examination, this trainer strives to maintain every muscle of herself, both body and mind. 

Her passion is achieving alignment within as well as the outside world.

If you feel like you are already in process of taking off, but still in need of empowerment and rewired mindset, Biljana can guide you until a state of awaken butterfly is reached. Contact her on email: biljana.sk93@gmail.com.

Her brand is “Awaken Butterfly” .